"Today, over 90 percent of our orders are placed through our website and automatically uploaded to our accounting software, saving us countless man hours each week... Dolphin Micro has been a wonderful partner throughout this process for the last 6 years."
– Mysia Wolfe
Hale Pet Door

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Start up, growing business or established entity, whatever your size or space in the market, Dolphin Micro can help, be it:

  • Customized content management systems (CMS) for greater usability

  • Streamlined design to enhance the user experience

  • Customized shopping carts to improve ecommerce abilities

  • Search engine optimized content driving more visitors and business to your site

  • Website and mobile apps to multiply business opportunities

Unlock the hidden potential of your business!

You've been successful. Your business has grown and your website no longer reflects your company. Your current site takes too long to update — even with Joomla or Drupal. And, your on–site staff doesn't have the skills necessary to keep up with the latest changes in web technology.

You need a new website.

No, you need a really good new website.

You need website that will transform your business. One that establishes your brand, streamlines your operations, reduces expenses, generates more leads, increases sales and grows your business.

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  • May Designs
  • Hale Pet Door
  • Purrfect Pet Doors
  • The WIRED Store
  • Brainscape Learning System
  • Golf Pipeline
  • LaForce+Stevens
"...they were very responsive and passionate about their work. Our project wasn't just treated like a job. They were truly interested in our needs and making sure our system was built right!"
– Chad Thompson, Leader Tek
Our developers are the best in the business. We take your needs, requirements, and
desires and transform them into an online reality, whether it's:
Streamlined design Search engine optimized content Customized content
management systems (CMS)
Customized shopping cart Mobile apps