Are you ready to join a team where you’ll be challenged to excel and your voice can be heard?

Dolphin Micro team members are talented, driven professionals committed to quality, innovation and outstanding results. Our projects are diverse and technically challenging, with ample opportunities for creative problem solving. We’re always looking for highly skilled individuals who value a collaborative environment and a flexible, forward-thinking culture.

Work with the best. Love what you do.

In just a year, I finished some impressive projects, and had some great times outside of work I never would at a nine-to-five. Flexible, friendly and fun!... to be succinct. We get to work on lots of complicated interesting and high profile websites. I love the freedom I have, and the variety of technologies I get to work with. I'm always learning something new. I love working alongside such smart and talented people.  It's really an amazing team. Dolphin Micro isn't just a company. It's a professional group of people who are extremely talented and fun to work with. Working at Dolphin Micro, there is a feeling you're a part of something special. With such a talented team, we can truly do anything. Working on interesting projects with a passionate team is a fun atmosphere.  You couldn't ask for more!

Currently hiring...

Great Projects, Great Clients, Great Technologies - Looking for strong web and mobile developers! Enjoy a challenge? Love interesting problems? Looking to mix it up with a diverse set of projects while learning new languages, and frameworks? This is the career you've been waiting for.

Senior Rails developer to BUILD COOL STUFF and LEARN NEW THINGS At Dolphin Micro, you'll own a wide variety of projects with clients that span small businesses and start-ups to Fortune-500 companies like AT&T, Humana, and Dupont. You'll never get bored with a combination of long running two to five person team projects with a variety of small, one-person builds mixed in. You'll use more cutting edge technology and build more software from scratch in a year with us, than you would at a big company in ten.

Senior Python and Django Expert You love Python. You love the way it looks like executable pseudocode. You love the way syntax enforces good style, and you love building big, complicated things with it.

Senior NodeJS and Angular JS Wizard When we first discovered this technology stack, we fell in love instantly. It's fast. It's intuitive. It has a rapidly growing community, and under the hood, it's all just Javascript. Stay on the bleeding edge of technology as we build new mobile-friendly custom web applications.

Full-Stack Rails Developer Do you love inventing cutting-edge software systems that launch startups and help forward-thinking businesses grow exponentially? As one of our Rails developers, you will architect, lead and build web development projects for companies like Brainscape, AT&T and WIRED.