"Today, over 90 percent of our orders are placed through our website and automatically uploaded to our accounting software, saving us countless man hours each week... Dolphin Micro has been a wonderful partner throughout this process for the last 6 years."
– Mysia Wolfe
Hale Pet Door

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We're experts in building custom ecommerce sites with:

  • Customized shopping carts that fit your business and your products

  • Tailored content management that makes data entry a snap

  • Automated payment processing through and your bank

It's ok to admit it. Lots of people just like you are still using an outdated, underperforming ecommerce system. They're having the same struggles getting the website to talk to the accounting and fulfillment systems. They're wasting invaluable time with a system that requires extensive manual work to maintain. They are using an off the shelf shopping cart that doesn't truly meet their needs.

But what if you had a custom-built ecommerce system?

Imagine being able to free up time and money to cultivate new business, instead of processing the sales you currently have. Time to nurture better business insights allowing you to customize both your site and marketing efforts to drive sales. What if you had an automated selling process that required less work and fewer staff resulting in lower expenses and more profit?

What if you had a custom-built ecommerce system built by Dolphin Micro?

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  • Holiday Gift
  •'s Style X
  • The WIRED Store
  • Concierge Hotel Listings
"The Dolphin Micro team in nearly every instance, went well above and beyond the call of duty for the WIRED Store - from building entirely new systems to finding just the right solutions to all the strange and highly specific requests that go into building an advertiser driven e-commerce site, they always made it happen."
– Alec Brinegar,

We're also expert at connecting your existing website to all the other business systems critical to completing the sale like your accounting and shipping software. Whatever you need, from better automation and scalability to connections to Quickbooks, FedEx or UPS we can help.