Frequently Asked Questions

I want a website for my business - where should I start?

Jot down some notes about what makes your business unique. Think about who your clients are and why they do business with you. It also helps to pretend you're a potential client with a need that your company can satisfy. Search the Internet the way that person would, looking for a solution to their problem and note both search terms you use and any sites that catch your eye. Then contact us.

How do I get more people to visit my site?

With a combination of traditional and electronic marketing tactics.

On the traditional side you'll often see flyers, business cards, billboards, subway ads, newspaper, radio, and tv commercials all driving traffic to websites.

On the electronic side, almost everyone is focused on search and social media.  Search makes up both search engine marketing (SEM or paid search) as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO or organic search).  Social media is a new term generally referring to sites that let people interact like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs.

What is SEO?

SEO or  "Search Engine Optimization" is a collection of strategies used to increase your organic search engine placement.  Strategies commonly include adding targeted content, increasing links pointing to your site, and tuning page content (like titles, urls, meta data, and copy),

Good SEO is generally an ongoing process of adding and tuning content, reviewing results, and repeating. 

It differs from SEM since SEM involves paying for placement for specific terms and SEO is working on the site directly to increase natural placement.

Will Dolphin Micro support my site after launch?

Absolutely. We're a custom web shop that takes a lot of pride in helping your business succeed. Launching your site is just the first step towards a strong online presence. Your site will need search engine optimization, new content, upgrades, love and care, and we hope to be your long-term partner to make it the best it can be.

Do you outsource our project?

Nope. All of your work is done right here in the USA by our full time, professional designers, programmers, and content writers. Want to meet them? Learn more about us.

Can you work on-site?

We have offices in Denver, Colorado (Louisville to be exact) and in Manhattan, New York and work onsite with clients all the time.  We can either meet at your place for key meetings, or put our people at your desks for long term projects.

Where will my site be hosted?

That's up to you.  We can install your site anyplace it will run from a co-lo servers to a third party hosting service.  We can also host it for you with our reasonable monthly plans.