Help Us Choose a Winner

Help Us Choose a Winner
by Kelly Drill
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We need your help! As you may know, last year Dolphin Micro entered the Web app market with the launch of our first product, Hours Tracking. In determining a direction for our next project, we’ve decided to take an unconventional approach.

In January, we held our yearly planning meeting in Key Largo, Florida. We knew we wanted to release another app this year, but our team had so many great ideas, we found it difficult to choose. So, rather than settle on a single idea, we decided to hold an internal contest to determine which of three ideas had the best early market potential.

We divided our developers into three teams and tasked each group with conceptualizing, prototyping and promoting its own Web app. Within the space of 30 days, each team was required to fully flesh out its app idea, determine a market and monetization strategy for it, and develop a marketing plan. On or before March 1st, each team mounted a “pre-launch” website designed to educate potential users about the project and gage interest. Visitors are asked to enter their email addresses in order to be notified when/if the site goes live.

Now it’s time for you to help us choose the winning idea. On April 1st, the team that has generated the most interest – in the form of its email list – will be given the financial resources necessary to finish its project. Which idea is most interesting to you?

Here are the projects to choose from:


Benchwarmers is a new sports and social community that helps team managers keep their rosters full and helps players find leagues, drop-ins and tournaments. With just a few clicks, users can:

  • Find players for the entire season or book subs for a single event
  • Set up a roster, post a schedule and email players
  • Register as a free agent and find opportunities to play – whether it’s for the whole season or just one game

Show your support for Benchwarmers by entering your email here:


Dynamic Worksheets will be the only completely customizable, multi-discipline worksheet generator on the Web. Designed for parents and educators, Dynamic Worksheets allows user to produce grade-level-appropriate, professional-looking worksheets in a wide variety of subjects. Because questions are randomly generated, no two worksheets are alike. Dynamic Worksheets users can:

  • Customize any worksheet by subject and skill level
  • Add or edit questions to fit any lesson plan
  • Enhance or build a homeschool curriculum
  • Dramatically cut homeschooling costs by eliminating the need for pre-built worksheets and workbooks
  • Provide excellent enrichment opportunities for academically gifted students

Support the Dynamic Worksheets concept by entering your email here:


BotLogic is an educational puzzle game that challenges kids and adults to tackle complex logic problems while teaching valuable programming concepts. Using simple commands (and eventually code), players program their bots to navigate through progressively challenging mazes. As their skills improve, players earn rewards by using the fewest number of commands and go head-to-head with friends in programming tournaments.

Designed to be both educational and fun, BotLogic is all about helping kids develop strong logic and spatial reasoning skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

You can support the BotLogic project by entering your email address here:

Stay tuned – we’ll announce the winner in next month’s newsletter.

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